North Devon Secure Dog Walking Field North Devon Secure Dog Walking Field

Ground rules of the Skern View dog walking field

Ground rules of the Skern View dog walking field Skern View Dog FieldGround rules of the Skern View dog walking field Skern View Dog FieldGround rules of the Skern View dog walking field Skern View Dog FieldGround rules of the Skern View dog walking field Skern View Dog FieldGround rules of the Skern View dog walking field Skern View Dog Field

Site Rules of Skern View Dog Field

  1. All sessions must be pre booked and paid for online at

  2. On arrival you will find plenty of room to park but please do not park in front of any gate. Access to the paddock is only via the pedestrian gate and you will be emailed the access code ONE HOUR before your slot, as this code is changed regularly.

  3. Please do not arrive to early for your session and ensure you pack up and leave within your time slot. Times must be adhered to so if you arrive late you will still be expected to leave at the allocated time. There is a 5 minute swap over time to minimize the chance of dogs meeting.

  4. Dogs are to remain in your car until the field is vacant and the previous user has put their dog(s) away safely. Then transferred from the car to the field on the lead. Do not release them until you have latched the gate behind you.

  5. Ensure you latch the gates behind you upon entry and lock the gate on exit even if there is somebody waiting.

  6. It is each dog owners responsibility to clean up after their dog(s) and remove the waste from the site. We all want to exercise our dogs in a clean space.

  7. Failure to pick up dog waste, rubbish and toys will lead to refusal of future use. Please report anything left by previous user.

  8. Please respect our neighbours and do not allow your dog(s) to bark persistently.

  9. We request that all dogs have up to date vaccinations and are regularly wormed and treated for fleas and ticks.

  10. Please do not use the field if your dog has been unwell 48 hours prior to your booked slot.

  11. The paddock is only to be used by over 18’s, any under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult.  This is a dog exercise field and not a child playground. 

  12. Users to keep dogs and children in sight at all times whilst using this facility.

  13. Please do not sit or lean on any equipment, fencing or gates.

  14. Please do not allow dog(s) to dig in the field. Our 1.8m fence is secure but digging and climbing dogs need to be supervised at all times. Escapees are the responsibility of the owner and not Skern View Dog Field.

  15. We recommend owners bring their own water and bowls for their dog(s) especially on warmer days.

  16. Due to the nature of fields, the ground may be uneven and we recommend you wear suitable footwear.

  17. All areas are non-smoking.

  18. The flying of drones or any other device is not permitted in the field without prior consent.

  19. The field is to be used for the sole purpose of dog walking.



When using the field it is entirely at your own risk, the owners of Skern View Dog Field do not accept, responsibility for injury to you, your dog(s) or vehicle.

Although we inspect and maintain the field and fencing regularly for holes and any other damage or digging instances may occur that we are not aware of so if you come across anything please let us know so it can be dealt with.

By making a booking you are agreeing to the terms and conditions on the website and are responsible for the use whether it is by yourself or another.


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